Rcopia: Add Active Medications

You can add medications to a patient's active medication list from the Medications widget on the patient summary page. There are two ways you can add medications to a patient's medication list:

  • Clicking the Add Medication button
  • Accessing Medication History information

Add Medication

Start on the patient summary page and go to the Medications widget.

Step 1: Click Add Medication at the bottom-left corner of the widget.


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Step 2: Search for the drug you want to add by typing in the name. Search results will appear automatically in a drop-down right below. Click the drug you wish to add.


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Step 3: Select the desired strength you wish to prescribe. Doing so will prompt the Add Medication window. 


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Step 4: In the Add Medication window, fill in the required information in the appropriate fields, then click Add.


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Step 5: The medication you have just added will appear in the Medications widget as an active medication for the patient.


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