Rcopia: How to Send Controlled Substance Prescriptions

This article explains the controlled prescribing workflow in Rcopia. 

Sending a Controlled Substance Prescription:

To prescribe controlled substances electronically, you must have completed the EPCS onboarding process and be activated by an administrator through Logical Access Control (LAC).

Visit the following help center section to get started: EPCS Gold.

  • If you are an active EPCS prescriber, you will be able to sign and send controlled substance prescriptions electronically within Rcopia 4.

Step 1: When creating a prescription, you will have the ability to sign off on controlled substances from the Review Screen

  • Once you enter your Signature Passphrase, you will see fields appear for Token Device and Token PIN.  

Step 2: Click the Token Device dropdown and select the type of token device you are using. 

  • Once you have used a token three times, it will default to the top the list.

Step 3: Enter a One Time Pin (OTP) in the Token PIN field.

Step 4: Click Sign and Send.

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