Urgent Messages

You can mark messages as urgent within Backline by clicking on the red exclamation bubble.

  • Urgent messages will be marked as such and will prompt acknowledgment from the

Once you mark a message as urgent, red highlighting will be applied to the text box. In addition, a warning will appear below the text box as well. After typing your urgent message into the text box, you
can tap Enter on the keyboard to send the message.


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If you receive an urgent message, you will see an orange and a red badge notification with a number for the same message.


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Once the message is opened, it will be marked as read, and the orange badge will disappear.
The red badge will disappear once the recipient acknowledges the urgent message. For the
recipient to acknowledge the message, they will need to click on the red urgent banner.


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Once the urgent message has been acknowledged, there will be a blue check mark and an exclamation icon with a date and time stamp.


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