2021 iPrescribe Release Notes

This article contains all software release notes for iPrescribe from 2021 to the present. The latest updates appear first. If you need to contact DrFirst for further details regarding this release, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support line at (866) 263-6512, or visit iPrescribe.com/support. 


Upcoming: Version 4.1 (New Updates)

New Updates

  • Several dispensing quantity units (when prescribing) will no longer be available as of September 1, 2021, per the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs’ (NCPDP).
  • Starting September 1, 2021, SureScripts will no longer accept electronic prescriptions sent from iPrescribe that contain retired quantity units in the messages.
  • iPrescribe will alert and prompt all users to update their prescriptions with accepted units of measurements and will do so by displaying the following message: “The quantity unit may no longer be used. Please select a new quantity unit.”

Retired Quantity Units (Table)

Quantity Unit Code Meaning
ampul Ampule
ampule Ampule
applicatorful Applicatorful
bag Bag
bar Bar
bead Bead
block Block
bolus Bolus
bottle Bottle
box Box
can Can
canister Canister
carton Carton
cartridge Cartridge
case Case
cassette Cassette
container Container
cylinder Cylinder
device Device
disk Disk
dispenser Each
dosepack DosePack
douche Each
drop Each
dualpack DualPack
fluid ounce FluidOunce
fluidounce FluidOunce
french French
gallon Gallon
inhalation Inhalation
inhaler Inhaler
inhaler refill InhalerRefill
international unit Each
intravenous bag IntravenousBag
jar Each
kilogram Kilogram
lb Pound
liter Liter
mcg Each
meq Milliequivalent
metric drop MetricDrop
mg Milligram
microgram Each
milliequivalent Milliequivalent
milligram Milligram
millimeter Millimeter
million units Each
nasal inhaler Inhaler
nebule Nebule
needle-free injection NeedleFreeInjection
ocular system OcularSystem
ounce Ounce
oz Ounce
pack Package
package Package
paper Paper
pen Pre-Filled Pen Syringe
pen injector Pre-Filled Pen Syringe
piece Each
pint Pint
pouch Pouch
pound Pound
puff Puff
pump Pump
quart Quart
sachet Sachet
scoop Scoopful
scoopful Scoopful
spray Spray
syringe Syringe
tablespoon Tablespoon
tabminder Tabminder
tampon Tampon
tbs Tablespoon
teaspoon Teaspoon
tray Tray
tsp Teaspoon
tube Tube
unit Each
vial Vial

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2021-08-02: Version 4.0 (Bug Fixes, Improvements, New Features)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the full required NADEAN to transmit the prescription was not auto-populating, requiring users to enter the full NADEAN manually.
  • Fixed an issue where PDMP records were not showing on the final screen when prescribing controlled substances.


  • Improved load times and enhanced performance to ensure ongoing stability, security, and compatibility with mobile phone operating systems.

New Features

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