Rcopia: Prescription Summary

Prescription Summary allows you to manage all prescription activity within one convenient location.

This article will discuss the following:

How To Access Prescription Summary

Step 1: Start on the Rcopia login screen, and log in to your account with your username and password.

Step 2: Click the Prescription Summary tab in the blue toolbar at the top of your screen.


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How To Search Prescription Summary

On the Prescription Summary page, you can use the filters on the screen to search for prescriptions that fit within certain criteria.

You can filter your search by the following fields:

  • Provider: a drop-down menu that lets you filter your search by specific providers
  • Patient: a field that lets you filter search results by specific patients
  • Drug Type: a drop-down menu that filters search results by prescriptions that are either scheduled or non-scheduled 
  • Status: a drop-down menu that filters your search by prescriptions that are either all, pending, completed, canceled, or undelivered for any reason
  • Date Range: a drop-down menu that appears only if you have selected All, Completed, Undeliverable, or Canceled in the Status field - and filters search results by specific periods of time

Visit the following article to learn more about the different statuses you may see on a report: Prescription Summary Statuses.

Once you have filled out all of the fields, click the Search button towards the left side of the screen.


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What Do Reports Show?

The report contains multiple columns, each containing a specific piece of information about the prescription. 

You can also view the details of a prescription’s transmission history. For example, click directly on the desired prescription you want to view from you search criteria, and it will display the history in the Review Prescription window


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What Can I Do With Reports?

Your role (Provider, Provider Agent, or a Staff Agent) in your organization determines what you can do with these reports. 

Providers can SendSend & PrintPrint don't Send, or Sign don't Send

Provider Agents can only Send, signature to follow

  • This action item sends the prescription to the pharmacy electronically and adds it to the prescription queue to be acknowledged.

Staff Agents can Hold for SignaturePrint without sending, or Archive.

  • Hold for Signature: sends the prescription request to the appropriate prescriber so they can review and act upon it as necessary.
  • Print without sending: sends the prescription(s) to the local office printer but does not send to the prescriber's queue.
  • Archive: adds medication(s) to the patient's active medication list and does not send to a prescriber.

Something Missing From Your Reports?

If you find that you don't see certain pending prescriptions, undeliverables, renewal requests, etc. - visit the following article: Missing Pending Prescriptions or Renewal Requests?

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