Rcopia: Process a Renewal (Refill) Request

Learn more here: Renewal (Refill) Request Overview.

On the Renewal (Refill) Request page, you can perform the following functions:

Filter Your Search Results

You can filter your search results by the following:

(A) specific providers: click the dropdown menu next to View Messages For field.

(B) message types: click the dropdown menu next to the Message Type field.


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View Details

The details of a request can be found under the appropriate medication and are labeled accordingly. Refer to the screenshot below:


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Enter Office Comments

You can enter office comments to the right of each request.


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Respond To Requests

You can respond to renewal (refill) requests by performing one (or both) of the following:

(A) Action: click this dropdown menu and select one of the following desired actions:

  • Deny: This option will deny the request and send a denial message to the pharmacy.
  • Change: This allows you to change the prescription and/or pharmacy information. The prescription becomes a pending prescription in the appropriate provider’s prescription report when the prescription is changed. This will alert the pharmacy that the requested renewal has been denied, but a new prescription will follow.
  • Renew plus (X) refills: This renews the prescription with the desired amount of additional refills. When you choose the appropriate refills, you are authorizing this fill plus X refills of the medication.
  • Forward: This allows a staff member to forward the prescription request to another qualified prescriber in his or her practice.
  • Remove: This should only be used if you have previously handled this request and it is a duplicate.


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(B) Response Notes To Pharmacist: this field provides a space to enter specific notes to send to the pharmacist handling a particular renewal request.


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Send Responses

Once you have reviewed your response to a request, scroll down and click the Send button at the bottom-left corner of the page.


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