Rcopia: Create New Prescriptions (3 Ways)

This article presents the different ways to create prescriptions and the steps to perform them.

If you would like to send a prescription that is already pending, visit the following article: Send a Prescription

Creating a Manual Prescription

To create a manual prescription, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Click the Create New Prescription button within the context bar at the top of the page.


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Step 2: Enter the drug you wish to prescribe in the search field, then select it from the auto-populated results within the drop-down menu that appears. You can also run the full search by clicking the magnifying glass icon mceclip2.png next to the search field.


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Step 3: Click the desired strength of the drug you wish to prescribe. 

  • Got an alert? Check out the following article to learn more: Alerts Overview.


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Step 4: From the Prescribe Medication, fill in the required fields as noted by the red asterisks. Click Review at the bottom of the page when you are finished. 


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  • Please note: (If controlled substance) Maximum daily dose will be required for all controlled medications prescribe in New York
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Step 5: Review your prescription and make sure the information is correct. Once you are finished, click Save Pending Rx

Step 6: Click one of the following action buttons below the prescription details:

(A) Save Pending Rx: adds the prescription to the Prescription Management section on the Patient Summary page for review and signoff.

(B) Save and Add Rx: creates pending prescriptions and navigates the user back to the medication search widget. 

(C) Back: allows you to edit your prescription details in the Prescribe Medication widget.

(D) Cancel: cancels the prescription.


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Step 7: To send a prescription, follow the instructions outlined in the following article: Send a Prescription.

Creating a Prescription From Favorites

Rcopia Favorites

This article explains how to select a favorited prescription during e-prescribing.  Please also click to view How to Add a Prescription to My Favorites.

How to select a prescription from the favorites lists  

All favorites may be accessed through the Star icon at the top of the patient profile next to Create New Rx. 


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The Favorites view displays the Org Favorites, My Favorites, and Recent prescriptions that have been sent in the practice. 

*Note:  Practice Favorites and Location Favorites display in the Org Favorites section.

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You may select the drug by name or select the specific dose.

  1. Clicking on the drug opens the Prescribe Medication window where the dosing will need to be filled in; this allows you to create a custom dosage for the active patient.  Once the sig fields are populated you will advance to the Review Prescription window to review and save the script.
  2. Clicking on the dose moves the favorited drug with selected sig to pending for the active patient.  

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Visit the following article to learn how to create Favorite Prescriptions: Create Favorite Prescriptions.

Creating a Prescription Through Active Medication Renewals

You can only use this method if a patient has an active medication they are taking. Start on the Patient Summary page.

Step 1: Navigate to the Medications widget on the page.


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Step 2: Click one of the following four options under the Actions column:

  • mceclip6.png Renew from Medication: allows you to create a prescription that has been previously created and entered into the Rcopia 4 system. Once you click the renew icon, the prescription will appear in the Prescription Management widget. 
  • mceclip7.png Prescribe from Medication: allows you to change the details for the prescription (sig, duration, quantity, refills, pharmacies, etc.) and then prescribe.
  • mceclip8.png Stop: will stop the medication and will prompt you to provide a reason for stopping this medication.
  • mceclip9.png Delete: will delete the medication and prompt you to confirm before the medication is deleted.


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Please click to view the next step: Send your prescription.

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