Rcopia: Change Requests

Change Request is an electronic request coming from a pharmacy. 

Accessing Your Change Requests

Click the messages icon on the top-right of the page, then click Rx Change Requests.


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Responding To Change Requests

Step 1: Access your Change Request page by following the directions outlined above or clicking on a Change Request link (provided to you). Locate the Action drop-down menu.


Pharmacy Messages - Change Request page (click to enlarge)

Step 2: There are several actions you can take within the Action drop-down box. The actions changes depending on the type of prescription the message pertains to.  Select the message type from the tabs below:

Prior Authorization (P) Generic Substitution (G) Therapeutic Interchange (T)  Type D (Drug Utilization Review) Type OS (Out of Stock) Type S (Script Clarification) Type U (Prescriber Authorization)

Approved by payer – approves the medication prescribed by the provider (*PRIOR AUTHORIZATION CONFIRMATION NUMBER is required).

Denied by payer – will deny the request and sends a denial message to the pharmacy. You must select a Denial Reason from the drop-down selections.

Forward – allows you to forward the request to another provider in practice.

Prior authorization not attempted – will deny the request and sends a denial message to the pharmacy.

Cancel - deny the change request and cancel the original prescription – will deny the request and cancels the original prescription.


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Step 3: Once you have selected your desired action, enter your Signature password, then click Send.


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Pharmacies may send Change Requests to ask providers to approve a generic substitute for the medication prescribed. This is a common request if pharmacies run out of the brand-name drug providers described in the prescription. 

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