Backline: How to Reset My Password

This article provides directions on how to reset your Backline password using the Forgot Password? option, updating Settings after logging in, or by reaching out to your Backline Admin.

Note:  If you 

Forgot Password

Start on the Backline login page.

Step 1:  Click Forgot Password? on the login page.


Backline login page (click to enlarge)

Note:  PointClickCare and Promedica clients will select Login with Partner Software instead of 'Forgot Password' then choose the appropriate button.

Step 2:  Enter your Email Address and press Reset.


Password reset window (click to enlarge)

Step 3:  You will receive an email with a subject line that reads: [External] Backline Password Reset. Follow the instructions outlined in the email.


Email subject line (click to enlarge)


Update in Backline Settings

Once logged in, you may reset your password any time without needing to answer a security question. 

Step 1:  Navigate to Settings.


Settings option (click to enlarge)

Step 2:  In the Profile's Change Password section, enter the Old Password, then type the new password on the New Password and Confirm New Password lines.  When these fields are populated, the Change Password button becomes clickable.

Step 3:  Click the Change Password button.


Change Password window (click to enlarge)


Reach out to your Backline Admin

If you cannot remember the answer to your security questions and cannot log in to change your password in Settings, please reach out to your Backline Admin to reset your password and trigger a password reset email. 

The reset password email contains link to reset both the password and answer new security answers.

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