iPrescribe: Send controlled substance prescriptions

This article provides instructions on how to write controlled substance prescriptions in iPrescribe. This article assumes you have upgraded your account.

The process is the same as writing a normal prescription but with a few additional steps. Start on the iPrescribe app, sign in to your account, then follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Tap the New Rx the (pencil) icon.


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2. Tap the patient name for whom you would like to write a controlled substance prescription.

  • The app should automatically search for your patients and list them out on this screen.
  • If you have not already added a patient, visit the following article: Adding New Patients.


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Make sure Address Line 1 is filled out for this patient. You can access patient information from the patient profile screen. Visit the following article on how to get there: Patient Information.

3. On the next screen, tap Change on your screen, next to Pharmacy


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4. You will be redirected to a screen that will show a list of existing pharmacies you have added for the patient.

  • Select the pharmacy you wish to send the prescription to (doing so will take you back to the patient summary page), or search for another pharmacy by tapping the Find another pharmacy button at the bottom of the screen.


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5. Tap the Create New Rx button at the bottom of your screen.


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6. Follow the steps in chronological order, and refer to the screenshot below:

(A) Search for the drug name at the top of your screen.

(B) Select the drug you will like to prescribe to the patient.

(C) Select the dosage from the drop-down menu that appears after selecting the drug.


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7. If you don't have smart strings available for the drug you have selected, you will see a notification at the top on the next screen.


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  • If smart strings are available, tap the right arrow icon under SMART SIGS and skip to step 9. If not, continue to step 8.


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8. Build your prescription details by tapping the appropriate information on the screen. Selecting any options will automatically bring you to the next screen.

  • Select an action.
  • Select the dose or click add a custom dose.
  • Select the form of the drug (e.g., tablet, mg).
  • Select the route the drug should be consumed (e.g., by mouth)
  • Select the frequency the drug should be consumed (e.g., once a day, twice a day)
  • Select any other information you wish to provide to the patient when taking the drug (e.g., as needed, as directed, between meals)

9. Follow the steps in chronological order, and refer to the screenshot below:

(A) Select the duration (days) the medication should be taken (optional).

(B) Select the quantity.

Note: You can change the unit of measurement by tapping the blue down arrow icon.


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10. Scroll down on your screen, then follow the steps in chronological order by referring to the screenshot:

(A) Select how many refills the patient will need. Then, select substitution permitted or dispense as written.

(B) You can edit or add additional comments under patient directions (optional).

(C) You can add additional comments to the pharmacist in the last field (optional).

(D) Tap Continue.


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11. You will be prompted with a disclaimer and must certify that you are the user logged in (the provider). Check the box and tap Continue.

12. Review the prescription, then press Approve at the bottom of your screen (you may need to scroll down) and continue to step 13.

Note: If this is your first time sending of a controlled substance, you will need to:

(A) Press the Sign and Send button instead of the Approve button

(B) Enter your Signature Password on the next screen

(C) Press Sign & Send

mceclip11.png          mceclip14.png

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You will be redirected to a screen that shows your token information, the patient’s information, and the prescription.

13. Select your token from the drop down menu, enter your EPCS passphrase that you created, and enter the 6 digit code from the token you selected. Once completed, tap Sign.


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You will have four minutes to sign and send the controlled substance before the signing process times out.

14. You have written a controlled substance prescription.

Note: This prescription will be viewable in the History section of iPrescribe's Homepage.

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