RxInform: Patient overview

This article answers questions about RxInform.

What is RxInform?

RxInform is a secure messaging solution from DrFirst that allows medical providers to automatically text a prescription notification message to the patient’s mobile number when sending new prescriptions to the pharmacy. The text message contains a link to a HIPAA-compliant website that allows patients to view information related to their new prescriptions.

DrFirst is the leading e-prescribing software used by hundreds of electronic health record systems serving 200,000 doctors, 1,500 hospitals and 15,000 pharmacies nationwide.


General Questions:

Why did I get this message?

You received a text message generated by your healthcare provider's e-prescribing system. It confirms that your prescription was successfully sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

What is the purpose of these notifications?

This free service provides you with educational information about your prescriptions as well as discounts to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

How does logging in help me?

Logging in directs patients to a secure site that offers the following after confirming identity:

  • Pharmacy. Name, address, and phone number.
  • Prescriptions. Drug name, strength, and quantity. 
  • Affordability. Co-pay assistance and savings.
  • Education. Improve understanding of the drug therapy with educational content.
  • Action. Reminds patients to pick-up the prescription. 
Does the system offer discounts for branded drugs?

Yes. The website provides access to multiple co-pay assistance programs for branded drugs. The goal is to inform patients about available options that can lower their out-of-pocket cost.

Does the system offer discounts for generic drugs?

Yes. The system offers a digital savings card that can help reduce the out-of-pocket cost for
many generic medications. Patients can show the savings card displayed on the website to their pharmacy or request a text message with a copy of the savings card.

How does the "Set Pickup Reminder" work?
Patients can choose this option to trigger a reminder on their phone at a selected time. The
system also allows patients to add an entry to their calendar, helping them remember to pick up the prescription.


Common Support Questions:

Why can't I log in?

Double check the login details you are entering as sometimes it's easy to mistype, especially on small devices. If you share a device with a family member, the site you're trying to access may be for them. They should enter their details to proceed.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. This system uses strong encryption to protect all communications.

Is RxInform HIPAA compliant?

Yes. The platform is HIPAA compliant. All Personal Health Information (PHI) is protected in accordance with the HIPAA and other applicable federal and state privacy law.

Does it work for minors?
Given the wide array of state regulations concerning minors, this feature is not offered for patients under the age of 18.
Can patients rate their experience with RxInform?

Yes. The system allows patients to rate their experience. So far, the RxInform platform has
received +11 million ratings with a 94% satisfaction rate.

How do I reach Technical Support?
Users may reach the Support Team from the DrFirst Help Center by initiating a Live Chat in the bottom right corner, or by opening a ticket with the Submit a Request button at the top right corner.
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