Rcopia: Error Message: Rx Can't Be Sent Electronically

This article discusses the reasons behind the error message on the Review screen for pending prescription(s): 

“Prescription [Diamox 250 mg] tablet for [Patient Name] cannot be sent electronically. Uncoded or unknown substance types cannot be sent electronically. Please modify the script, otherwise it will be faxed. Or it may be printed, signed, and handed to the patient.”


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Reason for Error Message 

The error message occurs if a provider has sent a free text script, which means that the drug name has an invalid or no NDC(s), since the provider wrote in the drug name rather than selecting the drug name from the Rcopia database. 

Free text scripts are usually sent to pharmacies via fax and are only sent electronically if they meet these exceptions:

  • Compound or Supply/Equipment selected under Drug Type drop-down menu and
  • No selected under Scheduled Drug drop-down menu) and
  • Not a controlled substance

To avoid entering free text, providers should:

  • Optimize search. The best way to search for a drug in DrFirst is by typing the first few letters into the search field (e.g., ibu for ibuprofen or acet for acetaminophen). 
  • Confirm valid and up-to-date NDC is being transmitted from EMR/EHR.
  • Avoid entering dose with the drug name. The database does not recognize a drug name when that drug name is entered together with dose strength in the search field.
  • Contact to add a missing drug. Submit a request to ask for a drug name to be entered into the database.

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To enable electronic prescriptions, the provider will need to delete the free text script, search for the drug in the database, and create a new prescription with the correct drug selected. 


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