Error Message: "Only a valid EPCS prescriber can sign a controlled substance"

This article provides steps to troubleshoot the following error message:

"Prescription [drug information] for [name] cannot be sent. Only a valid EPCS prescriber can e-sign a controlled substance, otherwise it must be printed, signed and handed to patient (or manually faxed when permitted by state regulations)." 


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If this message appears, check: 

  • The provider's registered DEA number is shown correctly, appears the same across platforms, and is not expired.  
  • That the provider's EPCS grant status is ACTIVE. See Activate EPCS/Logical Access Control to learn more. 
  • That the provider completed registration for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) registration. See EPCS: Identity Proofing Video to learn more. 

If you still cannot resolve the error message, Submit a request for DrFirst Support. 

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