NPI Registry

The NPI Registry is a free directory of all active NPI records, which providers are required to update.

Since DrFirst pulls information from the NPI Registry to meet requirements, such as DEA requirements for token management, it is necessary for providers to: 

  • Ensure their name, primary specialty (taxonomy), primary state, and state license number exist and are up-to-date in the NPI Registry,
  • Update their primary specialty (taxonomy) to whichever specialty they want the DrFirst system to identify as primary. This means that if the provider has a primary and secondary specialty, the provider will have to make the secondary specialty appear as primary for DrFirst to pull that information. 
  • Account for time lag in updates, as any changes made to the NPI Registry are processed the following week (Wednesday at the earliest). This is important for providers who wish to self-register for a DrFirst Product, as updated information is necessary for successful self-registration and identity proofing. 

Link to the NPI Registry:

Contact NPI Registry: Call 800.465.3203 | 800.692.2326 TTY or email

Create an Account with NPPES:   

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