Rcopia: Suppress a Clinical Alert

Based on the patient's medical record in Rcopia, Rcopia has the following clinical alerts as a patient safety measure: 

  • Allergy Alert. Warns that a drug the provider is prescribing may cause an allergic reaction in the patient. 
  • Drug-to-Drug Alert. Warns that a drug the provider is prescribing may interact with another drug that the patient is taking. 
  • Formulary Alert. Notifies that the drug the provider is prescribing has other formulations that have better coverage by the patient's insurance. 

DrFirst recommends that clinical alerts NOT be turned off. 

However, should a provider decide to pause clinical alerts, the provider can do so by first triggering an alert and following these steps: 

1. Go to Create a New Rx at the top of the main screen. 


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2. Start prescribing as usual, by entering the name of the drug and selecting the desired dosage. 

CreateRx1.PNG   CreateRx2.PNG

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3. When the Clinical Alert window appears, select the Expand icon on the right.


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4. Select the checkbox for Do Not Show This Alert For This Medication and This Patient for One (1) Year to pause the alerts.

Use the space below the checkbox to explain why you are turning off the alert. 


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5. Continue prescribing as usual. 



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