Rcopia: About Provider Agents

Provider Agents are active staff users authorized to transmit non-controlled prescriptions to the pharmacy on a provider's behalf.

Provider Agents cannot send controlled substance (CS) prescriptions to the pharmacy, as the DEA requires that controlled substances be authorized by a provider with an electronic prescription for controlled substances (EPCS) passphrase and a One Time Pin (OTP). 

Provider Agent privileges are authorized or revoked within Rcopia Utilities by Providers or Administrators. For more information on how to manage provider agent permissions, see Rcopia: How to Manage Provider Agents.

Provider Agents have the following options to send prescriptions:

  • Send, signature to follow: Unlike providers who just have a Send button, Provider Agents can send a prescription to the pharmacy to be filled before the provider reviewed and signed. The Prescriber will  see these prescriptions in their pending prescription queue for signature. 
  • Send & Print: Provider Agents may use this to transmit prescriptions to the pharmacy and print prescriptions in the office.
  • Print don’t Send: Provider Agents may use this to print the prescriptions only.
If the provider agent takes no action at all, a prescription will show up still as pending under provider for provider to take further action. 


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  • Administrators may set preferences to not require providers to sign prescriptions sent by Provider Agents if practice is enabled . If would like to enable please submit a request to Support. 
  • There is no required timeframe within which providers must sign prescriptions sent by Provider Agents, though it is recommended for providers to review these prescriptions as soon as possible.
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