Rcopia: Setting Providers as Supervisors for Prescribing (Admin)

When a practice has Enterprise Supervisor setting enabled, administrators will be able to customize each provider’s permissions in Rcopia by assigning roles. Setting a provider to a supervising role is important as some states require that a supervising provider be listed on a prescription.

The Enterprise Supervisor setting allows administrators to allow certain providers to appear in a drop-down menu option when mid-level providers (NP or PA) are prescribing. Once a prescription is started, a Supervisors dropdown will appear in the PrescribeMedication section.

Note: To enable Enterprise Supervisor, submit a request for DrFirst Support to set Enable Enterprise Supervisor option to Yes.

Once Enterprise Supervisor setting is enabled, administrators/Partner representative may:

1. Go to the User Summary of a Practice

2. Click on a Provider’s name (NP or PA)

3. Find the section labeled SupervisoryRelationship

3. Choose from one of four roles for a Provider:

  • Supervisor – The provider’s name (MD) will appear in the Supervisor drop-down menu for other providers (NP or PA) when those providers are creating a prescription. Providers with Supervisor roles do not require another Supervisor to prescribe (e.g., MD)
  • Supervisor Required – This user (e.g., Nurse Practitioner) will be required to choose a Supervising Provider when prescribing in Rcopia. They will be able to choose from any provider in the practice marked as Supervisor.  
  • Supervisor Optional – This user can choose a Supervising Provider in Rcopia to appear on the prescription; however, it is not required.
  • None – This user will not access the Supervising Provider drop-down menu in Rcopia, nor will they have a Supervisor role.


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