Rcopia: Patient Directions and Additional Directions to Patient Fields

This article is for select customers who send prescription data to DrFirst that includes instructions to patients regarding their prescription. 

If you are a customer who sends prescription data to DrFirst please note: 

  • This data includes a free text field called Additional Directions to Patient.
    • Also called "sig data" these directions for patients also appear on the label of their prescription medication.
    • This field is located below the Patient Directions drop-down menu in the Prescribe Medication screen. 
  • Providers do not have to fill in all the required drop-down menu fields under Patient Directions as long as providers included specific directions under the Additional Directions to Patient that cover the prescription information that would otherwise be selected from the Patient Directions drop-down menus. 
  • A prescription will be able to be signed and sent as long as the following fields are completed:
    • Either Quantity, Units, and Additional Directions to Patient, or 
    • Quantity, Units, and Patient Directions 

Patient Directions.png

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