Rcopia: PersonaTrust Identity Proofing for Non-Controlled Drugs

This article is for Partner representatives who use PersonaTrust as an alternative identity proofing process to Experian for e-prescribing.  PersonaTrust meets Level of Assurance 2 (LOA2) standards for e-prescribing of non-controlled drugs.

What is PersonaTrust?

AYIN International, in collaboration with DrFirst, offers PersonaTrust as a way to verify credentials through video conference. Providers or their employers will be responsible for paying an identity proofing fee prior to completing the verification.

How do I complete PersonaTrust Identity Proofing?

1. Go to http://www.personatrust.net/.


2. Click the PROVIDERS SCHEDULE TIME button.


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3. Click the DrFirst icon under Choose your EHR EMR / Service Provider.


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4. Select Dr. First Supervised Remote In-Person Identity Proofing from the Appointment Locator drop-down menu. 


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5. Select a date from the calendar on the left.


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6. Select a specific time for the appointment, then click Book it.


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7. Enter user information and click Continue to finalize booking the appointment. Payment information is required.


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8. Once your payment information has been approved, you will receive an email with instructions.  The email will contain a link to join the identity proofing session via video conference at the scheduled time.

9. DrFirst is notified by AYIN International that PersonaTrust identity proofing is complete and will activate the account. Activation typically takes up to 48 business hours after DrFirst receives approval documents from AYIN International.

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